Salsa Kings Students Win 17 Gold Medals at the World Salsa Summit

Representatives with Miami-based dance studio Salsa Kings announced today that its students won 17 gold medals at the World Salsa Summit in the Casio category.

Andres Fernandez, owner and company spokesperson for Salsa Kings, said the World Salsa Summit opened Casino (Cuban-style salsa) category, giving all levels of students the opportunity to represent their stuff. Salsa Kings signed up and took home first place in all amateur and pro levels, starting from preteen all the way up to over 40.

“In all, we won 17 gold medals in the Casino category,” Fernandez said in reference to the competition held in January 2020.

Salsa Kings was established in 1998. All dance instructors are certified by the World Salsa Federation and are World Champions in the Salsa and Bachata Cabaret divisions. The company has worked with world-renowned artists such as Pitbull, Willy Chirino, La India, Oscar de Leon, and Jose Alberto “El Canario” and more.

In addition to the World Salsa Summit competition, Fernandez said its students won 16 medals, including gold at the Miami Latin Dance Championships (MLDC).

Fernandez explained that the MLDC opened Casino (Cuban-style salsa) category, giving all levels of students the opportunity to represent their talent. Salsa Kings, which also won Miami’s Rueda de Casino Dance Competition held in February 2020, competed in 18 categories, placing in 16 and takes home 10 first place in amateur and Pro-am levels starting from teen all the way up to over 40. 

Salsa Kings’ young superstar Emma opened the competition with her spectacular show and won the judges and crowd. The video of the performance is available to view.

“The judge’s comments afterward were awesome,” Fernandez recalled, before adding that the type of dance was ‘Rueda de Casino’ performed by all three Casino academies: Salsa Kings, Salsa Fina, and Casino D’Primera. Salsa Kings also received certificates acknowledging their achievement from the City of Miami along with $600 cash.

“We are so proud of all of our students,” Fernandez said of Salsa Kings, which recently moved to a new location at 13944 SW 8th St #209 Miami, FL 33184 (the second floor of the San Miguel Shopping Center).

In addition to the success of Salsa Kings’ students, the company, according to Fernandez, is also gaining popularity on one of the world’s hottest social media platforms. Salsa Kings has gained more than 20K followers on TikTok. Those interested in Latin dance styles can follow the company @salsakings on TikTok.

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