Salsa Kings Now Offering First Dance Class Free to New Students

Representatives with Miami-based dance studio Salsa Kings announced today that it it is offering the first dance class for free to new students.

“The first dance class is always free,” said Andres Fernandez, owner and company spokesperson for Salsa Kings.

But that’s not all. Salsa Kings also has free salsa dance lessons available on its mobile app.

“We invite everyone to download our app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play to access these free lessons,” Fernandez said.

The app features include private dance, group dance, live support, ways to connect, and more. In fact, one customer review of the app highly recommends users to download it.

Salsa Kings was established in 1998. All dance instructors are certified by the World Salsa Federation and are World Champions in the Salsa and Bachata Cabaret divisions. The company has worked with world-renowned artists such as Pitbull, Willy Chirino, La India, Oscar de Leon, and Jose Alberto “El Canario” and more.

Over the past year, Salsa Kings students has gained more than 20K followers on TikTok, one of the world’s hottest social media platforms. Those interested in Latin dance styles can follow the company @salsakings on TikTok.

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