Salsa Lesson – Different Methods of Instructions

salsa lesson in miami

If you’ve been thinking the only way to salsa involves a nice, salty corn chip, then chances are you are going to need to put down the Tostitos and pop into a salsa lesson or two before you are ready to hit the dance floor. But just like there are numerous different types of salsa—Cuban Salsa, LA Style Salsa, New York Salsa Dance, Colombian Salsa (not just your average mild, medium, and extra spicy)—there are many different methods of salsa instruction. Let’s take a look at a few of the different types you’ll find when you start looking for your salsa lesson in Miami.

Private Lessons

If you are really nervous about your lack of familiarity with the salsa dance, or the dance floor in general, you might feel more comfortable in a private lesson than jumping right into a group learning environment. Maybe you need the boost of confidence before you will really be able to let loose in front of a whole class—or maybe you already told your dance partner that you are a salsa pro and you either need a crash course to save face or to dispel their obvious disbelief so you can feel vindicated in your blatant lie. Of course, you and your dance partner might also want private salsa lessons in Miami so your personal dance trainer can focus their time on you to help you advance your skills even faster so you can really steal the floor at that upcoming special event.

Group Lessons

If you aren’t as concerned about saving face, or if you are also interested in participating in the community of salsa dancing by experiencing the camaraderie of fellow learners, then a group salsa lesson in Miami is the thing for you. You will have the attention of the finest salsa and bachata instructors, but you will also be able to have fun as you learn together with salsa dancers of all ages and levels of ability.
Teen salsa lessons

Salsa Kings is one of the few places that also offers specialized salsa lessons in Miami that are tailored to specific age groups. For instance, the teen class is designed for the unique needs of teenagers who are interested in learning to salsa. The purpose is to provide teenagers with a safe space where they can not only learn proper dance steps, but where they can also work together as a team, increase their confidence and self-esteem, gain body control and coordination, and work on character development. Teenagers are in a unique stage of personal development. Salsa dancing can provide them with a safe outlet of expression where they can learn who they are and become more comfortable and confident with that person.

Spectrum Dance Therapy

Does your child have autism, down syndrome, or a disability that would make it challenging for them to join a traditional dance class? Dance has been proven to help individuals with learning differences and physical challenges to develop confidence, improve speech and coordination, and even provide them with an outlet that can allow them to focus their emotions and frustrations so they can better manage their behavior. Our spectrum dance therapy classes are designed to offer salsa lessons in Miami as a fun form of therapy that changes the style of instruction to match the needs and abilities of the students in the room to create a better overall experience—and to help unlock their dance potential!

We’ve been providing salsa lessons to Miami and South Floridians for over 20 years, so if you are looking for the best place to start learning to salsa in the learning environment that is best suited to you, then: Click here to learn more!

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