Seven Best Latin Dances for Couples to Learn

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If you are looking for something active and fun to do with your partner, you should check out couple dance classes near me. Latin dancing is a great way to connect while being active.

Learning to dance with a romantic partner can be rewarding beyond the new moves that you will pick up. Partner dancing requires excellent verbal and non-verbal communication, patience, and working together. You can strengthen your relationship while learning a new skill. There are great dance instructors in almost every community. You can find a great dance teacher by searching “couple dance classes near me.”

There are so many different dances to choose from. Which ones are the best couple dance classes start with:

1) Merengue

Merengue originates from the Dominican Republic. The music is exciting, and the basic steps are quite simple to learn. Most couple dance classes near me offer merengue as part of their repertoire.

2) Cha-Cha-Cha

The cha-cha-cha, or cha-cha, originates from Cuba. It is a popular dance that many people have heard of. Couple dance classes near me always field many requests for this popular dance.

3) Salsa

Salsa, originally from the Caribbean, is known to be a sexy and sensual dance. This makes it perfect to take at couple dance classes near me. Many cities also have salsa clubs, so finding somewhere to practice your new skills will be easy to do.

4) Rhumba

Rhumba is traditionally danced to Cuban music, but it can be adapted to other musical styles as well. It is a slower dance that can be quite emotional when danced well. Good couple dance classes near me will include the rhumba in their catalogue.

5) Bachata

Bachata is another dance that is from the Dominican Republic. It is not as well-known as the merengue, though. When you are searching for couple dance classes near me, ask potential teachers if they teach the bachata.

6) Samba

Most people have heard of the samba, but don’t necessarily know what it is. It is a very popular dance in Brazil that originates from Afro-Brazilian traditions. Samba dancing is very quick and requires a lot of energy. Couple dance classes near me that offer more experienced dance classes might also offer samba lessons.

7) Mambo

Mambo is another great Cuban dance. It is a great dance if you and your partner prefer less structured moves. Couple dance classes near me usually offer mambo classes as part of their repertoire.

Whichever dance style you prefer, it is best to follow the lead of your dance instructors. They will know what the best dance is to learn first and then how to progress through the many different styles. When you are searching for couple dance classes near me, make sure you keep an eye out for Salsa Kings dance studio. They have many years of experience in teaching couples how to Latin dance. They can help you and your partner have a successful dancing experience together. Click here for more details.

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