Dip Her

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Welcome to Episode 65 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

This week, Andres talks about an important part of the dance: The Dip. Discussing the different roles of dance, including leading and following or even just asking and accepting, the dip is an energetic and impressive rule. Dipping is a move where the lead is providing the follow a thrill and support for the follow. It is a type of artistic and emotional trust fall. It allows for the follow to let go and release both emotionally and physically while having the support of the lead. 

Andres asks leads to be grateful for the opportunity to share an experience, to be able to give them a chance for the euphoria and to be trusted with it. He also asks follows to be receptive to the experience, to get over their fears or insecurities that may prevent them from doing it. It should be understood that the dip is not a way to control the follow, but it is about trusting the lead to give you the moment of release. Leads are responsible for making sure follows feel safe and follows should be able to allow leads to give them that release. 

A dip is a moment of support, both emotional and physical. It is about giving someone something. It is about them feeling safe and supported even as they are dipped. It’s easiest to enjoy oneself without having to worry about someone and what they are providing. The worries don’t even have to come from your partner. They can be everything from the lighting in the venue to what you’re wearing. They’re still all things you will have to get over to put yourself open. 

Leads should do their best to do some sort of dip, to make their follows be dip and want to be dipped. Andres would also love to hear voices from women to hear what they think about dips and how they should be approached by both leads and follows. 

The dip is an intense move, both in how daunting it can be for follows as well as how euphoric it can be. It is the job of both the leads and the follows to create an environment that makes it comfortable to happen. 

“Gentleman, you being able to allow her that one second of euphoria, to allow her to feel comfortable enough at the end to dip her, and that’s ultimately what we’re building up to. And the beautiful thing about this is that any man can make any woman feel this way.”

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