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Welcome to Episode 92 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Today we’re going to talk about attitude and style in this podcast, or to use a particular term; swagger. Yes, it is time to talk about the ineffable quality that you bring to the dance through attitude and confidence. It’s not something you can quantify, but it’s something you can always tell when somebody has it. This ties into a previous episode and the concept of juice. What does it mean to have swagger? Dancing will always have some form of swagger, a little bit of showing off. 

Very often, Andres sees dancers that are ‘trying to become’ the dance style they are performing. Andres wants all of you to remember that art needs its creator. The dance without you is nothing. It would never be seen. Similarly, the swagger cannot be there without you. It’s that particular kind of sauce that brings the whole meal together. When you go into a dance, you need to remember that no one has sauce quite like you do and you want to make sure to give the dance your own personal sauce, your swagger. 

The thing to remember is that the dance needs you. You are the one who gives it life, allows it to have energy. Andres invokes a previous episode of ‘who are you’ where discusses figuring out who you are, allowing you to be a better dancer by figuring out what only you can do. So if you’re worried about your swagger, you don’t have to be. You already have it. The key is just to figure out what exactly your particular brand of it is.

Dances need style. That goes without saying. If you are just doing the movements then the dance will be boring. But with that, dance also needs YOU. You are the only one who can dance like you, you are the only one who can show what you have to offer. So go out and show your swagger.

“Understanding that this swagger that you’re going to be putting on top is completely dependent upon your presence. Your presence, not trying to execute things that you’ve learned. Yes, it’s necessary for you to be able to get your feet wet, I’m not taking that away. But at the same time… you can kind of put yourself in a trap and limit yourself  with limiting beliefs and limiting mindsets by X and Y curriculu.”

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