What to Look for When Joining Online Dance Classes

free online salsa lessons

In a period of time when we are told to isolate, follow health restrictions, and practice social distancing, it seems like most activities are either cancelled or changed. Sports are played in isolated bubbles and school has changed to online learning. People are beginning to struggle with mental health and are looking for ways to have physical activity and socialize. One activity that you could consider is free online salsa lessons.

Choosing the right instructor

When looking at joining a free online salsa lesson, there are some similarities with looking at in-studio lessons. The first thing is to research the instructor. Anyone can say that they teach dance, but what qualifications do they have? What experience do they have? And what do others say about the instructor? An instructor should be able to provide their Curriculum Vitae (CV) of all education and experiences. Social media can also provide insight into the instructor. What do the reviews say about the instructor and the studio?

Choosing the best virtual classroom experience

There are some benefits to taking free online salsa lessons compared to in-studio classes. One of these benefits is the use of video recordings. When looking for an online dance program, inquire if there are videos available. Being able to rewind and watch the class repeatedly allows you to try moves and watch them again to ensure that you are doing the moves right. Another thing to consider is looking to see if the studio offers a live feed or a video with multi focused camera angles. By having more than one angle, you can see the instructor in various ways so you can follow and learn each step. This will not feel the same as being in the class where the instructor or other members of the class can see what you are doing and help with immediate correction, or where the instructor can physically move your body in the right way for the steps, but it is the next best substitute.

Get the right feedback

Feedback and critique are important in everything that we do, and when looking for free online salsa dance lessons, this is also required. When looking for an online studio, it is important to know how to get feedback from your instructor. Without any feedback, it would be no different than watching a how-to movie. An online class should include a method of communication with the instructor and class. This could be from immediate interactions through various forms of communication technology. There are other methods that could help as well, such as videotaping yourself and/or your partner and submitting them to the instructor or studio for analyzing and feedback.

The instructor and studio are only part of the whole free online salsa dance lesson experience. Classmates and fellow dancers who are also taking free salsa dance lessons should be able to interact with you so you can all have the best experience possible. What options does the studio have to ensure that classmates are able to interact with each other? Are there social media platforms that they utilize? Are there video chats and set times to virtually hang out until it is possible to gather and learn in person? For more information about free online salsa dance lessons, click here.

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