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Welcome to Episode 115 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Salsa Kings Live podcast. Today, we dive deep into a concept that’s essential for anyone navigating relationships in the dance world – “Whole Alone.” Inspired by the insights of the licensee instructor Lester Castrillo, this episode is dedicated to couples and individuals looking to enhance their dance connections and personal authenticity.

Key Points:

1. The Concept of “Whole Alone”:   

– Relationships thrive when individuals are fully authentic and true to themselves.   

– Authenticity forms the foundation for genuine connections with others.   

– Incomplete personal growth can hinder successful partnerships.

2. The Trinity Concept in Dance:   

– The “trinity concept” involves the interplay of three crucial elements: the lead, the follow, and the music.   

– Authenticity is key for successful connection within this trinity.   – The lead and follow must identify and embrace their roles authentically for a harmonious dance experience.   

– The music remains constant, highlighting the importance of human connection.

3. Back Leading and Back Seat Driving:   

– Back leading occurs when a follow tries to take control of the lead’s role, affecting the dance’s flow.   

– Back seat driving involves leads micromanaging the follow’s steps by demanding the follow should be doing, rather than improving their own leading    

– Both behaviors hinder genuine connections and can be offensive to the other person.   

– Recognizing and addressing these behaviors lead to personal growth and better dance experiences.


– “Just as a dance partnership requires authenticity to connect, so does any relationship in life.”

– “Back leading and back seat driving not only disrupt the dance, but they also hinder personal growth.”- “Remember, the more you know about what you don’t want, the more you understand what you do want.”

Closing Thoughts:

In the world of Latin dance and relationships, the concept of “Whole Alone” teaches us a valuable lesson – before we can authentically connect with others, we must first be true to ourselves. This philosophy resonates not only in dance but in every facet of life.
Remember, the “trinity concept” illustrates the beauty of harmonious connection, where authenticity in individuals ensures a seamless dance experience. Let’s all strive to recognize and overcome back leading and back seat driving, fostering growth within ourselves and our relationships.

As we conclude, keep in mind the “first and last” rule – a reminder to cherish those special dances with your partner while enjoying the freedom to dance with others. Dance is a universal language, and every step you take can lead to new connections and unforgettable moments.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Stay authentic, keep dancing, and embrace the joy of being “Whole Alone.”
*This episode is thanks to Lester Castrillo’s insights and the dance community striving for deeper connections.*

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