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Welcome to Episode 72 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Let’s get wild! The idea of Salsa dancing according to the general public is this passionate, fiery, almost chaotic type of music. There’s an image of two people dancing to a ‘crazy’ and ‘sexy’ song. Andres ask that you go back and listen to episode 50, ‘The Trinity’, which ties into this and how it manifests in the dance. The analogy Andres invokes is that of ‘fire’. Fire is powerful and hypnotic, much like the way salsa can draw the viewer in. Salsa is much like fire in that even though it is consistent, it is always changing, always powerful.

Andres discusses also how this is relevant to follows, how the point is that both the music and their leads. In a wildfire, the leads would count as the power source, wood or oil. Follows would count as the heat, the thing that brings it passion and energy. The final part is the ‘oxygen’, that would be the inspiration for your dancing. The fire needs all three, but the thing that gives it its impetus, its wild energy is the wind. This energy should always be changing, even as you remain on a consistent pattern. Dance should always be wild and changing, because it is always changing, thanks to changing music. There needs to be points where you hold yourself back and limit your movements to when the music and circumstances inspire you. 

This inspiration and energy will not automatically come to you on your first dance, it will take practice and the ability to make your reaction to music and to leads into an instinctive act. Many become discouraged due to the fact that this isn’t immediate, but the important thing is that these aren’t things anyone does without learning them. It will take time to develop the inherent connection.

Salsa dancing is like fire. It is wild and passionate, but also pure and unchanging. With a satisfactory level of knowledge and control you ride the wind that is the spark of inspiration and create dance that is fire, hypnotic and passionate and something familiar yet unique all at the same time. By learning this passion, you can come closer to your mastery of salsa.

“What is the fire living off of? What kicks it off is that third element, which is your wind. …The idea is the fire is still riding the wind, if you would. Still riding the waves, the patterns of the air. And I want you guys to consider that and compare that to the music. The way that your fire is burning should be changing… the fire is dependent on this wind.”

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