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Welcome to Episode 117 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome to Episode 117 of the podcast, where host Andres Fernandez, invites you on a journey to seize the day and embrace the power of self expression.

Inspiration from Leo Becerra:

  • Andres recalls a transformative gym session with salsa instructor Leo Becerra.
  • Leo’s mantra: “Early workout, wins the day.”
  • Conquer challenges early to set a positive tone for the day.

Magic of Movement:

  • The ability of body movement and dance to shift mood and mindset.
  • Feel empowered at any time of the day.
  • Control your emotions and mental state.

Empowering Dance Journey:

  • Embrace the dance journey and the enhancement of creativity.
  • Let the right brain (creative brain) shine. 
  • Allow free expressions without constraints.
  • Turn off your left brain (Filtering part) to give more room for creativity and freedom.
  • Express yourself without fear of perfection.

Be Present and Empowered:

  • Recognize and embrace your body’s abilities.
  • Discover empowerment through movement and self-acceptance.
  • Only through doing can you explore.

Triumph vs. Temptation:

  • Choosing the lasting joy of accomplishment over fleeting indulgence.
  • Don’t chase the urges and desires, choose the accomplishment and triumph.
  • Elevate your day with victories that inspire.

Closing Thoughts: As we wrap up this episode, remember that every day offers an opportunity for triumph. With the wisdom of Leo Becerra and the power of dance, you can truly win the day. So go out, dance, and make each moment count.

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