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Welcome to Episode 108 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Salsa Kings Live. In today’s episode, we dive into the world of “why” with our host, Andres Fernandez. Inspired by “Pablito” Pena Garcia, we explore the importance of understanding the “why” and how it can elevate your dancing to a whole new level. Join us as we uncover the power of intention and self-expression.

Key Points:

The Missing Piece: Andres explains how many dance studios overlook an essential aspect of the learning experience—the “why” behind things. Students often seek the reasons behind movements, and this curiosity should be encouraged rather than dismissed as laziness. Asking “why” signifies a deeper understanding and opens the door to a transformative dancing journey.

Moving Beyond the Surface: Only after experiencing and mastering the basics do dancers start to question and seek more. The desire for growth arises from boredom with repetitive routines. It is at this point that dancers begin exploring new possibilities, asking questions, and evolving to the next level of their artistry.

Embracing Boredom: Just as children find ways to entertain themselves when bored, dancers must embrace boredom as the missing piece for creativity and self-discovery. By allowing ourselves to get bored, we unlock the capacity to play, experiment with different elements of music, and explore our own authentic expression.

Wholeness in Dance: The ultimate aim is to be complete and fulfilled as an individual dancer. This requires cultivating a state of “no intention,” where you are fully present in the moment, absorbing and feeling everything around you. By being whole and authentic, you can respond and share the emotions evoked by the music or partner through your dancing. When both partners are whole, the joy multiplies, and the magic happens.

Closing Thoughts: 

As we conclude this episode, let us remember the power of understanding the “why” behind our dance movements. By delving deeper into the intentions, emotions, and expressions of our art, we unlock new dimensions of creativity and self-discovery. Embrace boredom, allow yourself to play, and let your feelings guide your body. With this approach, you’ll find yourself on a transformative journey, where dance becomes more than just steps—it becomes a profound and authentic form of self-expression.

Join us next time for another captivating episode of Salsa Kings Live as we continue to explore diverse topics and delve into the stories that shape our lives. Until then, keep dancing with intention and always strive to express your true self through the magic of movement.

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