BREAK THE ICE ft. Carlos Cardo

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Welcome to Episode 114 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Salsa Kings Live. Today Andres dives into the world of salsa dancing through the life and experiences of Carlos Cardo. Join us as we follow his journey from a young boy in Cuba to a seasoned salsa dancer, exploring not only the dance itself but also the connections and lessons it brings.

1. Early Rhythms in Cuba and Venezuela:

  • Carlos Cardo’s beginnings in salsa dance.
  • Born in Cuba in 1994, started dancing salsa at the age of 9.
  • Move to Venezuela at age 7; first encounter with salsa music.
  • First memory of parents dancing casino; learning to keep timing.

2. From Miami to University and Beyond:

  • Moving to Miami and takes salsa class
  • Joins Latin Culture class where he learns Rueda de Casino
  • Transition to University of Florida.
  • Joining “salsa caliente” studio in Gainesville.
  • Learning to dance LA style in 2004.

3. Embracing Performance:

  • Graduating in 2008 and returning to Miami.
  • Joining another show team and performing at salsa congress.
  • Joining the salsa lovers team and moving to Washington DC.
  • Maintaining a passion for social dancing.

4. Salsa as a Social Connector:

  • Carlos’s gratitude for the social aspect of salsa.
  • Learning to connect with strangers through dance.
  • Breaking the ice and building connections.
  • Importance of focusing on dance fundamentals.
  • Exploring different dance styles for wider interactions.

5. Dance Dynamics:

  • “Server and Guest” vs “Lead and Follow” concept.
  • Carlos’s perspective on dance dynamics.
  • Emphasizing communication and understanding between partners.
  • Finding compromise and meeting halfway on the dance floor.

Closing Thoughts:

Carlos Cardo’s journey through the world of salsa dance beautifully exemplifies the power of music and movement to connect people from diverse backgrounds. From his early steps in Venezuela to his performances on grand stages, Carlos’s story is a testament to the vibrant social connections fostered by salsa. The lessons he shares about breaking the ice and finding common ground through dance hold true not only within the salsa scene but also in various aspects of life. So, whether you’re a seasoned dancer or someone taking their first steps onto the dance floor, remember that in salsa, as in life, the key is to listen, connect, and find harmony.

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