DISCIPLINE ft. Dyanna Benitez

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Welcome to Episode 95 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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To dance, you of course need discipline. Andres is joined by Dyanna Benitez to discuss what discipline is and what it takes. Born in Cuba, Dyanna was a creative child who had trouble eating and to get her to be more active and to eat more, put her through every sport possible. Until dance that was. She was put into ballet. Offered an opportunity to go into the professional course, she took it and got in. And with the dancing, she actually ended up finally eating. Unfortunately, this ended up with her gaining a great deal of weight, tying into her need to control her eating habits to be able to keep dancing. Her routine was rigorous and difficult, but she was dedicated to dance and loved it.She even struggled with the fact that her body was not the ideal type for a ballet dancer. Her work went to prove those who said she was unable to do it because of her circumstances or supposed lack of talent wrong. She eventually moved to Canada and did ballet professionally. After a while, she decided to stretch out to other forms of dance. Then she moved to America and runs her own studio.

Dyanna’s entire story is a testament to the power of discipline, of simply putting in the hard work. Many get disappointed very quickly because they aren’t good immediately, but no one is good right away. What matters is that you love what you’re doing and put in the work. This is where you need to engage in discipline. Your dreams, your love of your art all depends on your ability to put in the work. If you ever feel discouraged or like people are not supporting you, look to Dyanna and see her story. It does not matter how you were born or what your body type is. All that matters is the willingness and the discipline to be able to get to that level.

“Disciple comes with a lot of things on it. Responsibility, determination, organization. It’s not just a word by itself. It comes with a lot of stuff, and at the end of the day, let’s say you set up a plan. You want to become a football player. You come up with ‘I need to eat healthy, I need to train seven days a week’ but if you never do it you will never accomplish becoming a football player.”

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