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Welcome to Episode 96 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Today, this podcast will be a safe space. How does one create a safe space for themselves and others? A good way is through nonverbal communication. Most of our communication is nonverbal, through physical cues in our faces, body language, and even how we walk. It’s important for dancing to be a safe space and part of that is of course knowing what a safe space is for you. What are your boundaries? Where are you comfortable being touched? What do you feel confident in?

It’s important to make sure and know your own boundaries and what you’re alright with doing, because not paying attention to it could put you in an uncomfortable situation, either with friends or strangers, the latter of which might even potentially be dangerous. Alternatively, if someone else doesn’t know or express their boundaries, you could be putting someone else in an uncomfortable situation.

This goes beyond physical injury and towards an emotional situation of trust and comfort. A dance can have clear communication, but if it’s uncomfortable then the dance will become unpleasant and unfun, something that no one wants. Obviously, everyone is different. Some people have more restrictions on their comfort, others less, but either way, their safe spaces need to be both expressed and respected so that everyone enjoys the dance to the fullest. By creating a safe space for both yourself and your partner, you can make sure everyone has the most fulfilling dance they can.

“The lesson that I’m trying to teach here is that as long as you know where your boundaries are, it’s impossible for someone to make you uncomfortable, other than the fact that they’re trying to cross boundaries. …If your boundaries are not established and someone crosses those boundaries involuntarily, meaning they’re not aware that they’re doing so, that can of course make the party that was crossing the boundary feel uncomfortable as well.” 

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