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Welcome to Episode 97 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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The common reactions to danger are called fight or flight. Do you react to a tense situation by facing it or by trying to get away? In this episode Andres discusses how these instincts can get in the way of your dance. Consider this an addendum to last week’s episode about safe spaces. Just as we actively want to make someone feel like they’re in a safe space when they dance with us, the last thing you want to do is trigger their fight or flight instinct. After all, that means they feel the opposite of safe. If someone feels like they’re in danger, they will not be able to express themselves. Their priority at that point is getting out of danger.

Both the leads and follows have to be in a comfortable place as well as comfortable with each other, so that they can express themselves and feel the music flow through them, rather than having their mind and body interrupting that flow with fear and survival instinct. If you cannot make each other comfortable, or work to make yourself comfortable, the dance will not be an expression of you and you won’t be having fun.

Just like in the last episode, Andres stresses the importance of safety and how you want to make sure people don’t feel in danger or uncomfortable. Similarly, if a situation is making you feel dangerous or uncomfortable, then it probably isn’t a place you can dance, let alone where you should be. Take care of yourself.

“This place of peace is where you’re going to be able to create your best work. Whether that be at your job or on the dance floor. Your best work being in terms of dance being that you’re coming off of the dance floor most fulfilled.”

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