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Welcome to Episode 119 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Welcome to Episode 119 of Salsa Kings Live, where we explore the beautiful world of dance and the profound connections it can create. Today, we explore the interplay between lead and follow, the magic of shared music, and the art of finding each other without losing ourselves. Join us as we unlock the secrets to a truly harmonious dance experience.

Key Points:

  1. The Search for Connection:
    • In the dance world, the lead searches for the follow, and the follow searches for the lead.
    • The energetic connection between partners is ever-present and essential.
  1. The Power of Shared Music:
    • Even if you’ve never met someone before, if you share a love for the music, you have an immediate common ground.
    • The music is the foundation of connection; your dance steps are the expression of that connection.
  1. Sacrifice and Growth:
    • True connection requires a willingness to sacrifice a part of yourself.
    • Growth happens when you connect with people who are different from you.
  1. Maintaining Individuality:
    • The goal is to find each other without losing your own identity.
    • Balancing self-expression and connection is an ongoing process.
  1. The Importance of Slowing Down:
    • Slow down to discover your own dance identity and to connect with your partner.
    • Trust that feelings can arise naturally when you’re fully present.
  1. Listening to the Music:
    • Pay attention to the music itself – its instruments, lyrics, and emotions it conveys.
    • Let your dance be an extension of the song’s expression.
    • Listen to the music just to listen to it and feel good.
  1. Finding Each Other Through Music:
    • When both partners genuinely feel the music, they naturally come together.
    • Listening to the same music is the key to harmonious connection.
  1. Solo Exploration:
    • Practice dancing alone to understand how the music makes you feel.
    • Embrace the song’s essence and incorporate it into your dance.
  1. Intentional Connection:
    • Complex moves can hinder connection.
    • Dance with intention and inspiration, meeting your partner halfway through the music’s shared rhythm.


  • “Even if you don’t know a person, you have the music in common.”
  • “I know if you’re listening to the music because I’m listening to the music.”
  • “I you are not listening to the music, you won’t be able to tell if your partner is listening to the music”
  • “Slow down so that you can take the time to find yourself, the music, and each other.”
  • “The more complicated the moves, the harder it is to connect.”

Closing Thought: In the dance, finding each other without losing ourselves is an art worth mastering. It begins with the shared language of music and a willingness to slow down, feel, and express ourselves authentically. As you navigate the intricate steps of connection, remember that it’s the shared rhythm that brings us together, making every dance a unique and beautiful expression of harmony. So, find each other, connect, and dance your way to infinite connection through the music you both hear and feel.


Sit down and listen to music just to listen to it. 

Feel the lyrics, instruments, voice, etc. 

Feel what the song is communicating to you.

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