NO EXCUSES ft. Shirley and Claude-Eric André

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Welcome to Episode 122 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Shirley, a passionate dancer herself, always dreamt of sharing the dance floor with her son. From the early age of 5, Claude-Eric displayed an exceptional talent for dance, leading Shirley to develop his passion and enroll him in various dance schools. Together, they navigated challenges and celebrated victories, embodying the essence of a remarkable dance partnership.

Key Points:

1. Early Beginnings: Claude-Eric exhibited a natural talent for dance from a very young age with his ability to move to the rhythm even before he could read.

2. Dance Education: Shirley recognized Claude-Eric’s potential and enrolled him in a school of hip hop, where he honed his skills for 2 years before joining Hotspot, a latin dance company. Here, they explored various dance styles including afro cuban, salsa, and bachata.

3. Mother-Son Duo: Shirley and Claude-Eric’s bond strengthened as they danced together, supporting each other’s growth and learning to solve individual challenges in their dance journey.

4. Challenges Faced: Claude-Eric faced the pressure of being compared to his mother and struggled with managing the tight schedules of their training sessions.

5. Communication and Understanding: Both Shirley and Claude-Eric emphasized the importance of effective communication in their dance partnership. Claude-Eric stressed the need to allow space and breathe in any relationship, while Shirley highlighted the significance of listening and understanding, viewing dance as a form of communication, both verbal and non-verbal.


– Claude-Eric: “No one in the world has reached the level of dancing I believe can be achieved.”

– Shirley: “Dancing is communication. To dance together, you need communication.”

Closing Thoughts:

In the rhythm of their dance, Shirley and Claude-Eric exemplify the beauty of collaboration, determination, and understanding. Their story serves as a testament to the power of familial support and effective communication in overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable feats. As they continue their dance journey, they inspire not only with their moves but also with their unwavering bond, reminding the world that the essence of dance goes beyond the steps—it lies in the harmony shared between partners, especially when that partner is family.

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