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Welcome to Episode 100 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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This week Andres celebrates the 100th episode of the podcast by twisting things around a bit and allowing himself to be interviewed, and discussing one of the most important elements that make a great dancer. However, Andres isn’t necessarily talking about passion just in the way of loving dance, as important as it is. The truly important thing to create passion is the ability to sacrifice. The ability to love something enough to persevere and to continue dancing even as it costs you time and even money is the passion that is needed for a truly great dancer.

Our usual host has been dancing for sixteen years. Born in the US as the child of immigrants, in addition to a dancer, he is an entrepreneur and an ordained minister. In eighth grade, he was so shy he volunteered to record the dance so he wouldn’t have to dance. Eventually, friends pushed him outside of his comfort zone to dance, and found his passion for it. He was very ignorant at first and had a late start compared to many others interviewed here. Proof that it’s never too late to start your passion. He eventually became a teacher and took over the school he was teaching at. He discusses the trials and tribulations of his dancing that go from hesitations to setbacks to outright failures.

This is where the idea of passion for dance comes in. If Andres lets obstacles or setbacks get in the way of your passion, how passionate are you about it? Passion isn’t simply enjoying something or having fun. It’s being willing to sacrifice and persevere for it because you cannot imagine your life without it. Obviously, you don’t have to be happy-go-lucky every day about it, but if you aren’t enjoying it more often than not, why are you doing it? Andres’ journey is one of passion, not just of finding it, but of it being challenged, reaffirmed, and redefined. 

“In any art, I guess it’s the same kind of spiritual awareness of oneself, of others. How do I feel? How does someone else feel? That type of awareness is very enlightening, especially in regard to yourself. Because if we’re talking about expressing ourselves, essentially, if we’re dancing, it means we’re allowing ourselves to express how we’re feeling.”

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