SABOR LATINO TV ONLINE ft. Jeannette Fiallo and Andres Fernandez

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Welcome to Episode 89 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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This episode, Ruthy of Sabor Latino TV Online interviews Jeannette and Andres as they discuss dance and the social aspects and how they have been on both sides of it. Seeing your partner dance with someone else can be upsetting but Jeannette points out that the connection isn’t one of romance or sexuality, but one of feeling the music together. It’s a beautiful but ephemeral thing that only lasts for as long as the music does. It’s important not to put emotional attachment to the dance but just to have the connection exist in music.

Jeannette also talks about her connection to bachata as as her favorite dance and art form. Andres also discusses his own connection to dance and his preference for more freeform dance that allows you to let loose. He speaks on his views on dance not just as a tool of connection, but something that can aid in self-discovery alongside things like therapy and wellness. These perspectives on dance are what makes everyone’s personal journey through dance both unique and beautiful.

The subject of leads and follows is also brought up, pointing out that dance has moved beyond those being gendered roles, but rather social ones in the ones who are leading and controlling the flow more against the follows who are moving with that flow. Andres invokes this very podcast where he goes over his details and theories in more depth.

Andres also talks about the very often overlooked aspects of dance that can often get overlooked, such as hygiene. Many early dancers will not account for the crowded and sweaty dance floors and not bring another shirt or wear cologne. This may seem obvious to a lot of veteran and even newbie dancers, but as Andres says ‘common sense is not that common’. These are things that dancers should be making sure that newer dancers know. Speaking in both English and Spanish, this interview goes over these and more topics, discussing the topics of dance and life and how both of them relate to it.

“I know that relationships and social situations can get a little complicated. I’ve been on both sides of it. I’ve dealt with the jealousy and I’ve dealt with being the other part of it. You have to go into social dancing with an open mind and understand that it is a social dance. There shouldn’t be any negative intentions attached to it… usually, and if there are, you can be aware of that and act accordingly.”

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