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Welcome to Episode 90 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In this episode Andres explains the difference and conflict between soul and ego. Where is your dance coming from? Your soul or your ego? Which one is your dance feeding? And what is the difference? Psychologically, these are generally referred to as the Superego (the soul) and the id (ego). Note that Andres is using a different, more vernacular definition of ego than the psychological one. The ego in psychology is the prominent part of your consciousness, whereas the version of ego Andres is using is that of the more common definition of self-importance and ego. The id or ‘ego’ here is your own personal base desires, giving into desire and not caring about consequences or others. By contrast, the ego is your higher intellect and nature, your understanding of morality and the world around you, the aspect of yourself we strive to follow. Imagine if you will, the angel and devil on your shoulders and you choosing which to listen to and you’ve got the basic concept.

In regards to dance, we need to be aware of our intentions and see why you’re dancing. Are you doing this to show off or to impress a crush? Those are clearly more id-based desires. Not necessarily wrong or evil, but certainly more of the base nature. Are you dancing to enrich yourself? For the exercise? To get in touch with your community? These are more supergo/soul-based reasons, and ultimately far more fulfilling ones. Andres asks: Do you dance for joy or if you dance for pleasure? These may seem like pointless distinctions but it’s really where the turning point of your dance is, in your ability to understand the subtleties in both the dance and in yourself. Many dancers reduce dance simply to an act of the flesh and motion, not letting the music in to actually enrich them and make them feel what is going on in the dance. This is another case in which Andres is pushing for self-awareness in his listeners, asking for a more nuanced understanding of dancing.

Every human is made of both a higher and a baser nature. In dance, as in all things, we need to understand what it is that moves us and try to follow the higher one, rather than the more instantly gratifying one. It may be more work, but it is also ultimately more satisfying.

“…Both may feel good, but the difference is ultimately the intention. Where is it coming from, and why is this important? It’s important because we may realize that we may be doing this or may be motivated for the wrong reasons.”

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