SABOR Y TRADICION ft. Ramani Nicola

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Welcome to Episode 110 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In this episode, we sit down with Ramani Nicola, a pioneer of salsa teaching in Miami. Join us as we explore his journey in the Latin dance community, the growth of his academy, Salsa Casino, and the changes he witnessed over the years. From the organic salsa scene of the past to the present-day, Ramani shares his experiences and insights. We dive into the importance of finding balance in life and enjoying the journey while aiming for success.

Key Points:
Origins of Salsa Teaching: In the early 1990s, Ramani Nicola identified the untapped potential of Miami’s dance community. With a lack of formal academies and teachers, he decided to start teaching salsa in 1995. His academy, Salsa Casino, focused on teaching rueda de casino, attracting countless students that forced him to upgrade his studio space three times in just two years.
Quality People and Quality Teachers: Ramani believes in the symbiotic relationship between quality people and quality teachers. He emphasizes the relationship of both aspects to find the best teachers and best people to build up his studio and the community.
The Organic Salsa Scene: Ramani reminisces about the organic and familial atmosphere that characterized the salsa scene before the 2000s. It was a place where everyone felt connected and united.
Slogan and Impact: The slogan of Ramani’s academy, “La salsa tiene sabor y el casino tiene tradición” (Salsa has flavor, and casino has tradition), encapsulated the essence of their dance style. The slogan was proudly displayed on t-shirts worn by students at the calle ocho festival, marking Salsa Casino’s formal participation and organization.
Evolution of Performances: Ramani discusses the shift in performances over time. While present day performances typically last 2-3 minutes and involve various styles and tricks, in the past, performances could last up to 10 minutes without excessive mixing or tricks, just classic rueda and dancing.
Balance: Ramani shares his personal journey of leaving the dance scene for a period to achieve balance in life, prioritize parenting and other responsibilities, and avoid excessive dedication to a single pursuit.

“Quality people make quality teachers, and quality teachers make quality people.”
“La salsa tiene sabor y el casino tiene tradición.” (Salsa has flavor, and casino has tradition)
“The leaders need to learn how to follow so that they become better leaders.”
“When do you know when you are going too far in one direction? Or unbalancing your life?”
“Shoot for the stars but, enjoy the ride.”

Closing Thoughts: 
Ramani Nicola’s journey in the Latin dance community and his role as a salsa pioneer in Miami provide valuable insights into the growth and evolution of the scene. From the establishment of his successful academy, Salsa Casino, to recognizing the need for balance and priorities in life, Ramani’s experiences offer lessons for both dancers and individuals seeking fulfillment in their pursuits. Remember to shoot for the stars and find joy in the pursuit of success.

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