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Welcome to Episode 88 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Today, Andres is going to talk about song structure and how it relates to your dance and enjoyment. He refers to the patterns in songs ‘seasons’. Much as a year has a cycle of change throughout the year, songs will go through changes as they play. Recognizing these seasons and moving with them are key to dance. The first season is the intro, -winter when things are starting out and eventually beginning to thaw- the verse, -spring, where the song blooms out into life just as plants and are doing- the chorus -summer, where the song blazes at its hottest and most extreme,  and the bridge -autumn, with the sound and pattern of the song changing as leaves do-. All of these aspects of the song exist to make the song changing, vibrant, dynamic, and exciting. Much as the seasons in the year bring life and variety to the world, these seasons bring those same aspects to song.

How does this relate to dance? By acknowledging and learning to recognize the different seasons in dance you can make your dance fit the song more. You wouldn’t dance ‘winter’ during the chorus would you? That would make the dance awkward both for you and the people watching it. Identifying the different seasons is key to making your dance flow. You want to move through the patterns of the dance just like a year moves through seasons. By recognizing the seasons, you’ll be able to instinctively feel the movements of the song.

Of course not everyone reacts the same to seasons. Some hate winter, some despise summer. However, we all have to endure the entirety of the year just as we do have to take a song as a whole. If a were just the chorus or just the bridge, just your favorite parts, those parts would lose meaning.

Seasons represent different times of life and growth, just as in a song they represent different parts of joy and art. Going through these seasons will offer you a more full and exciting dance.

“I challenge you to perceive these -to be literal- dying times, these throughs if you would as an opportunity to be reset, to be refreshed, to be wiped clean of previous commitments, to then be able to start new with the knowledge and the wisdom carried over from the previous year.”

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