TEACHER TIPS ft. Alain Sanchez

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Welcome to Episode 102 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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On this episode of Salsa Kings Live, Andres is joined by Alain Sanchez, owner of Casino D’ Primera, and experienced salsa instructor. He is here today to share with you his four eye opening tips to level up your teaching skills. 

Born in Matanzas, Cuba, Alain began his dance journey early into his life with breakdancing and a variety of other dance styles. While in Cuba he laid his foundation of salsa casino, and specialized in shines and couple dancing. In 1995 he arrived in the states and just a couple years later he joined the Salsa Kings branch at FIU. Amazingly, he went all the way from the beginner class to becoming an instructor in just two months! As an instructor he began to discover rueda de casino and his undying passion for teaching. After 2003 when Alain left Salsa Kings, he kept gaining experience in the teaching and dancing communities, until in November, 2013, he opened his salsa school, Casino D’ Primera. Casino D’ Primera is still running up to the present day and is amongst the most well known salsa schools in the South Florida area.

Alain’s entire story is filled with passion and dedication towards the art of teaching and dancing. He emphasizes the importance of loving what you do and putting emotion and love into your craft. Even if you are not dancing or teaching right now, all life experiences and skills can be traced back to dancing. So, no matter what life had in store for Alain, he always got back to doing what he loved doing, and as result he has learned many invaluable lessons that have improved not only his teaching, but also his life. 

When did dance change your life?

How did it change it?

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