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Welcome to Episode 101 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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In this episode, our host Andres takes a deep dive into the true meaning of dance. He breaks down the fundamental words and concepts that make dancing an art. By understanding the true essence of dance, you can become an extremely enjoyable dancer.

Andres provides an in-depth definition of dance, exploring its true meaning beyond just moving rhythmically to music. He emphasizes the importance of conscious use of skill and creative imagination when producing aesthetic dances. Andres also highlights the role of dance in exulting both the mind and spirit, creating beauty and allowing us to express ourselves through the medium of dance.

Main Topics:

  • The definition of dance beyond just moving rhythmically to music
  • The role of creative imagination and skill in producing aesthetic dances
  • How dance can exult both the mind and spirit
  • The importance of expressing ourselves through dance


  • “Allow songs to flow through you and allow yourself to express whatever you are feeling.”
  • “To exult the spirit become vulnerable and express what you are feeling”.
  •  “Allow dance to become a medium of communication.” 
  • “Without speaking can people feel or rather read what you are trying to convey. Is your feeling oozing out to your audience?”

“By understanding the true essence of dance, you and your partner will enjoy dancing in a new and exciting light. Whether you are expressing yourselves through salsa or ballroom, dance provides a medium for us to exult both our mind and spirit, create beauty, and communicate our emotions without speaking directly.”

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