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Welcome to Episode 123 of the Salsa Kings LIVE podcast

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Introduction: Ever wondered why some people are able to effortlessly complete or do certain things while others seem to stumble at every step? It all boils down to what we’re practicing and reinforcing in our minds. Just like in dance, where leads and followers need to be in sync, our actions in life determine our successes and failures. Let’s unravel the key points from this insightful discussion.

Key Points:

  1. Mind’s Evolution: Our minds are constantly getting better or worse at things based on what we practice. Whether it’s dancing, leading, or following, our neurons are molding our abilities every day. If you are not practicing something you’re therefore getting worse at it and if you practice you are getting better.

“People pay for months of lessons but struggle to dance a single song. What are you practicing to achieve your goal?”

  1. Conscious Practice: To improve, one must consciously lead or follow. Being aware of what you are currently doing is very important. Do it manually.

“Are you breathing manually? Are you consciously following? Are you consciously leading?”

  1. Self-Respect and Commitment: Following someone else is challenging if you don’t respect yourself. Are you keeping promises to yourself? Commitment to yourself, lead, the music, and your goals is crucial.

“If you can’t follow yourself, following someone else may be hard. Respect yourself as much as others.”

  1. GPS Approach: Setting clear goals, planning, and scheduling practices are essential. It’s not just about dancing but applies to every aspect of life.

GPS “Goal, Plan, Schedule It – what gets scheduled, gets done.”

  1. Continuous Improvement: Daily repetitions matter. Improvement might not be drastic every day, but every effort makes the next attempt easier.

Quote: “Not everyday you get better results, but every time you do something, the next time is easier.”

Closing Thoughts: Life, much like a dance, requires practice, commitment, and continuous improvement. Whether it’s leading on the dance floor or leading your own life, conscious practice and commitment are the keys. So, what are you practicing today? Remember, it’s the small, deliberate steps that lead to significant transformations.

Quote: “Find something you want to strengthen, make it easier, then layer new skills on what you’ve mastered.

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