In this episode Andres explains the difference and conflict between soul and ego. Where is your dance coming from? Your soul or your ego? Which one is your dance feeding? And what is the difference? Psychologically, these are generally referred to as the Superego (the soul) and the id (ego). Note that Andres is using a different, more vernacular definition of ego than the psychological one.

SABOR LATINO TV ONLINE ft. Jeannette Fiallo and Andres Fernandez

This episode, Andres welcomes guest Jeanette Fiallo as they talk ‘Spanglish’, the amalgamation of the languages of two neighboring nations that created its own culture by mixing. A good deal of this episode mixes both those languages as many hispanic people who have been born in America do.


Today, Andres is going to talk about song structure and how it relates to your dance and enjoyment. He refers to the patterns in songs ‘seasons’. Much as a year has a cycle of change throughout the year, songs will go through changes as they play. Recognizing these seasons and moving with them are key to dance.

CLARITY ft. Mari Martinez

This episode has Andres welcomes Mari Martinez to the podcast. They discuss the subject of clarity. Mari is a dancer who owns a studio and comes from the competitive world. Mari discusses how once she was into competition and took it very seriously, before realizing it was negatively affecting her path through dance. She decided to focus more on the parts of dance that offered her joy.


On this episode, Andres is accompanied by Mari Martinez to talk about self-awareness and knowing who you are. Who are you? There is nothing more fun or effortless than being yourself, so the best way to have a blast on the dance floor is to do that. Too many dancers try too hard to emulate other dancers, try to copy their heroes rather than excel at that. You’ll never be better at being someone else than they already are, but nobody is going to be as good at being you as you are. The biggest way to be the best at dancing is to make it easier, to make it feel more natural. That’s best accomplished by being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ll also have more fun by not being so self-conscious. 

MIAMI BUSINESS ft. Andres Fernandez

This is, of course, a podcast about salsa dancing, but Andres has been on other podcasts as well. In this episode, Andres shares an interview by Wilson Alvarez of Miami Business with him and his own experience in learning to dance. It all started when another man danced with Andres’ girlfriend in high school. Motivation can come from all sorts of places, and the need to impress your girl is no different. This is what lit the fire for Andres to finally start learning how to dance. The things that start your careers, huh? That being a motivator was far from something that diminished dance for Andres, however. Far from it, it made him realize the value of being able to share such an artistic experience with his partner.


Are you thirsty? You need the juice to get your dance going. Andres talks about how he himself never got himself a playlist of his favorite music: the thing that gets you the juice, that pumps you up for your performance. Andres asks you to, if you haven’t already, to make a list like this for yourself. Once you listen to these songs, you should try and connect to them, to see what emotions these songs instill in you, the kind of energy -the juice- it gives you. Many of you have probably already done that, but when you listen to this music do you have to work to connect to the music or do you feel connected to it immediately?

WHY DANCE? ft. Rafael Valle

This week, Andres will answer a very important question with guest Raphael Valle: Why dance? Why choose dance rather than art or writing or any of the other forms of art there? Raphael’s story explains precisely why he decided to take this path. A teacher of dance at UV Latin Dance Academy, Raphael has been dancing since he was a child. He teaches all sorts of dance for any who want a wide variety of salsa dances.


This week, Andres is back by popular demand and today he’ll be discussing give or take, particularly in terms of energy. Is it being given or taken? It’s important to remember that as much as dance is an art form, it’s also a hobby and pastime where the important thing is to have fun and for your dance partner to have fun. On the dance floor, the desire should be to give, to offer energy through your dance that will be transferred not just to your partner, but to the other people on the dance floor as well. This isn’t just consideration. On a psychological as well as even physical level, being an emotional giver will result in a more satisfying time for you as well.


Let’s get wild! The idea of Salsa dancing according to the general public is this passionate, fiery, almost chaotic type of music. There’s an image of two people dancing to a ‘crazy’ and ‘sexy’ song. Andres ask that you go back and listen to episode 50, ‘The Trinity’, which ties into this and how it manifests in the dance. The analogy Andres invokes is that of ‘fire’. Fire is powerful and hypnotic, much like the way salsa can draw the viewer in. Salsa is much like fire in that even though it is consistent, it is always changing, always powerful.