SABOR Y TRADICION ft. Ramani Nicola

In this episode, we sit down with Ramani Nicola, a pioneer of salsa teaching in Miami. Join us as we explore his journey in the Latin dance community, the growth of his academy, Salsa Casino, and the changes he witnessed over the years. From the organic salsa scene of the past to the present-day, Ramani shares his experiences and insights. We dive into the importance of finding balance in life and enjoying the journey while aiming for success.


Welcome to today’s episode, where we explore the concept of “Golden Retriever” energy in partner dancing. Inspired by the playful nature of a golden retriever chasing a ball in a field, we’ll delve into the key points raised by Andres and discover how embracing a fun and lighthearted approach can enhance our dance experience. Let’s dive into the details.


Welcome to another exciting episode of Salsa Kings Live. In today’s episode, we dive into the world of “why” with our host, Andres Fernandez. Inspired by “Pablito” Pena Garcia, we explore the importance of understanding the “why” and how it can elevate your dancing to a whole new level. Join us as we uncover the power of intention and self-expression.


In today’s episode, we explore the concept of “Guys Follow” and dive into the key points raised by Andres. We’ll examine the significance of following the music, the role of the lead in decision-making, and the importance of creating a safe and considerate environment for the follow. Let’s dive into the details.

 BACHATERA BOSS ft. Jeanette Fiallo

Welcome to an empowering episode of our podcast, where we feature the remarkable Jeanette Fiallo, an International Performer, 4 Time World Champion, Co-Owner of Salsa Kings, and Director of Las Reinas Dance Team. Join us as Jeanette sheds light on the journey of a woman entrepreneur in the Latin dance industry. From opportunities and struggles to the benefits and challenges, she shares her experiences and insights that inspire and empower women in the field.


Join Andres as he shares his raw insights and challenges to embrace failure as a powerful catalyst for learning, growth, and creative success.

PROFITABILITY ft. Christian Rojas

Step into the captivating world of dance as we explore the topic of profitability in the dancing industry with Christian Rojas, an extraordinarily talented professional dancer. With years of experience, including running his own academy and competing internationally, Christian shares invaluable insights on how to thrive as a dancer while achieving financial success.


In this groundbreaking episode, host Andres takes on a topic that should have been included in the first three episodes. Inspired by his recent read, “How to Talk to Yourself,” he dives into the transformative power of mindset, self-talk, and mentality in the realm of Latin dance and all art forms beyond.

TEACHER TIPS ft. Alain Sanchez

On this episode of Salsa Kings Live, Andres is joined by Alain Sanchez, owner of Casino D’ Primera, and experienced salsa instructor. He is here today to share with you his four eye opening tips to level up your teaching skills.


In this episode, our host Andres takes a deep dive into the true meaning of dance. He breaks down the fundamental words and concepts that make dancing an art. By understanding the true essence of dance, you can become an extremely enjoyable dancer.