PROFITABILITY ft. Christian Rojas

Step into the captivating world of dance as we explore the topic of profitability in the dancing industry with Christian Rojas, an extraordinarily talented professional dancer. With years of experience, including running his own academy and competing internationally, Christian shares invaluable insights on how to thrive as a dancer while achieving financial success.


In this groundbreaking episode, host Andres takes on a topic that should have been included in the first three episodes. Inspired by his recent read, “How to Talk to Yourself,” he dives into the transformative power of mindset, self-talk, and mentality in the realm of Latin dance and all art forms beyond.

TEACHER TIPS ft. Alain Sanchez

On this episode of Salsa Kings Live, Andres is joined by Alain Sanchez, owner of Casino D’ Primera, and experienced salsa instructor. He is here today to share with you his four eye opening tips to level up your teaching skills.


In this episode, our host Andres takes a deep dive into the true meaning of dance. He breaks down the fundamental words and concepts that make dancing an art. By understanding the true essence of dance, you can become an extremely enjoyable dancer.


This week Andres celebrates the 100th episode of the podcast by twisting things around a bit and allowing himself to be interviewed and discussing one of the most important elements that makes a great dancer. However, Andres isn’t necessarily talking about passion just in the way of loving dance, as important as it is.


On this episode of Salsa Kings live, Andres is joined by Albertico, who has been doing dance since 1999. Having started at the age of 7 and becoming proficient enough to teach at the age of 15, one could see why he has good foundations.


Nobody likes to be misunderstood, but it happens all the time even with words. Is it any wonder that we can be misunderstood when it comes to dance and to our passion? How do make sure that there aren’t misunderstandings and that we’re communicating our desires properly? There is a myth behind misunderstandings that Andres calls ‘static’. Static is a symbol of miscommunication.


The common reactions to danger are called fight or flight. Do you react to a tense situation by facing it or by trying to get away? In this episode Andres discusses how these instincts can get in the way of your dance.


Today, this podcast will be a safe space. How does one create a safe space for themselves and others? A good way is through nonverbal communication. Most of our communication is nonverbal, through physical cues in our faces, body language, and even how we walk. It’s important for dancing to be a safe space and part of that is of course knowing what a safe space is for you. What are your boundaries? Where are you comfortable being touched? What do you feel confident in?

DISCIPLINE ft. Dyanna Benitez

To dance, you of course need discipline. Andres is joined by Dyanna Benitez to discuss what discipline is and what it takes. Born in Cuba, Dyanna was a creative child who had trouble eating and to get her to be more active and to eat more, put her through every sport possible. Until dance that was. She was put into ballet.